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Guerrilla event Ravi
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Available order until sold out

Peach white skin

No make up head


* READ *


* Limited number of finished products : Only one head can be ordered per person

* Stock will be deducted based on order.

* Unable to purchase by Layaway. 

* Make up is not include.

* Delivery takes about 4~5 days from the order date.

* Peach white color, other colors are not available.

* Composition: Peach white skin head + head cap + head box + certificate


Model's eyeballs and make up are not included.

Model eye size: 14mm


This "guerrilla event" is prepared for the prevent the production delay of pre-order in the summer season.

Since the production is completed, we are ready to shipping it quickly.

To maintain the quality of the product, 

we hope your understanding that it was only very small quantity prepared.



  • Shipping company : only EMS & EMS Premium


  • Shipping period : Generally, dolls & parts will be shipped after 5~6 weeks business days after the full payment.
    • When applying makeup or brushing(painting) may be a delay in shipping.


  • Shipping will be conducted in accordance with the payment order.
  • Invoice form : All items are "true prices" in invoice. If you want to write different price in invoice, please write in "Request of customer" form. [ex : invoice price form = $90 , gift check]

  • All about shipping questions to ask us in 1:1 Care Center or Q&A board.
    • All items are generally made to order. So after the payment completed, can not be cancel order.


    • layaway payment method : If cancel order or not paid remainder in a purchase order deadline , there is no refund for prepaid.


    • If you have found the bad points, please contact us within 7 days after the shipping completed.


    • Except the head facial area // About the small bubbles or small dirt, parting line and the gate remove marks of the each parts, unavoidable damage in the process. So In these part, it is impossible for an exchange or refund.
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